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Not unusual at 11, Rafal Zelek from the city of Krakow, spent a lot of time building models, mostly of cars. What was unusual was his patience and meticulous attention to details. This passion for a job well done has stayed with him and is clearly evident in the work he produces today.

Rafal Zelek has graduated from Boston Architecture College (BAC) while working full time at a respected architectural firm. Through high school, he worked for his father’s general contractor  / masonry business, and learned a lot about the construction industry.

Always has provided architectural and design services to his personal clients and contractors.  With hands on training in construction and formal studies of design as well as incorporating it into practice, creates a great balance in communication and conveying the design intent to both, the client as well as the contractor in a way that all involved parties would understand.

As an architect, Rafal enjoys taking the responsibility in developing successful projects for his clients with strong focus in residential design, detailing and design-build. Finds rewarding the fact of developing a personal relationship with his clients, particularly when he knows that the process will yield a more fruitful end product. By understanding the process, his clients appreciate the product. By appreciating the product, they are acknowledging the role it plays.


His experience includes working on projects within, high-end residential from small-scale private residences through to multi-million dollar custom homes, as well as, mixed-use, commercial, academic, housing, resort and hospitality and historic preservation with projects pursuing LEED certification. This gave him the experience to solve variety of complex building systems, designs, coordination and documentation problems effectively, with strong knowledge of building materials and methods.


Rafal enjoys trying new things, exploring different materials, and incorporating emerging technologies into every project. He can work on building types from different market sectors like hospitality, residential, civic, retail, etc. and will still be an architect.


With many interests, all pursued to the hilt, he is not just interested in diving he has become a certified, divemaster, drives and rides motorcycles, is an avid sailor, explorer painter and photographer, (both above and underwater) all done with the same intense desire to do it well.


Influential architects for Rafal’s professional development are Frank Lloyd Wright and Carlos Calatrava.

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